Well, when you've owned their machines for 15 years like I have, you will lean the following immutable fact: you will have problems. For example, after a couple years of use, their machines tend to have the following flaw: the tray on the bottom (used for water and ground coffee collection) has electronic sensors, where those sensors are used for the machine to determine if the tray is pushed all the way in. After awhile the sensors almost always get corroded, so the machine will always think the tray is out of the machine. Why is this bad? Well, the state machine in their coffeemaker then will no longer allow any state transition in their software, which means you can't make coffee if this happens. This currently requires a shipment back to the company on the east coast. (If they had wifi, they could bi-pass this requirement with a "hack" and you could at least make coffee, for example. And I'm sure there would be many other benefits, such as remote firmware updates, mentioned above.)

Lorsque j’ai testé la Delonghi Dinamica FEB3535.SB , j’ai tout d’abord été convaincu par la façon dont elle s’utilise. Elle est équipée d’une écran texte qui explique particulièrement bien les étapes de création de boissons, mais aussi le fonctionnement de son entretien. Elle reprend les gros avantages techniques Delonghi : Broyeur 13 positions, extraction par à-coups pour le café allongé, chambre de percolation très performante.
We will be taking a look at nine of the different model lines of Jura’s Super Fully Automatic coffee machines. They also offer a professional level line of machines, if you’re interested, but we will be reviewing the full line of Jura’s home espresso-machines. The machines are generally classified in accordance with their features and functionality, as well as their size and general purpose.