Well, when you've owned their machines for 15 years like I have, you will lean the following immutable fact: you will have problems. For example, after a couple years of use, their machines tend to have the following flaw: the tray on the bottom (used for water and ground coffee collection) has electronic sensors, where those sensors are used for the machine to determine if the tray is pushed all the way in. After awhile the sensors almost always get corroded, so the machine will always think the tray is out of the machine. Why is this bad? Well, the state machine in their coffeemaker then will no longer allow any state transition in their software, which means you can't make coffee if this happens. This currently requires a shipment back to the company on the east coast. (If they had wifi, they could bi-pass this requirement with a "hack" and you could at least make coffee, for example. And I'm sure there would be many other benefits, such as remote firmware updates, mentioned above.)

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Dans certains modèles de machine à café à grain, vous aurez même droit à une fonction Cappucino Onetouch, accessible en une seule touche, une buse vapeur ou une carafe à lait pour ajouter la belle mousse à votre tasse. La Thermoblock quant à elle, permettra une montée en température rapide et donc une préparation sans temps d’attente pour les pressés.
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Well after much consideration, and after reading countless reviews, I purchased a J9 One Touch TFT. I've been using it now for going on 3 months, and so far it has performed perfectly. It makes the best tasting coffee, espresso, Latte's, and Cappuccino's I've had at home. And better than a lot of coffee places I've been to. So far I am super happy with my J9! The one thing that I've learned is to stay consistent with the maintenance, and to keep the frother unit clean. I use the Clearyl Blue water filter, and the company says that I don't need to descale since I'm using it, but I went ahead and did one recently anyway. I just want to keep it performing optimally.