C’est au cours des années 2000 que le groupe va se renforcer et démarrer des activités hors Europe. En 2013, l’entreprise atteint un chiffre d’affaire de 360 millions de francs suisses soit, près de 300 millions d’euros, réalisant 77% de son chiffre en Europe. Le personnel de l’entreprise est alors composé de plus de 60% de main d’œuvre internationale.

how much espresso machine

Well after much consideration, and after reading countless reviews, I purchased a J9 One Touch TFT. I've been using it now for going on 3 months, and so far it has performed perfectly. It makes the best tasting coffee, espresso, Latte's, and Cappuccino's I've had at home. And better than a lot of coffee places I've been to. So far I am super happy with my J9! The one thing that I've learned is to stay consistent with the maintenance, and to keep the frother unit clean. I use the Clearyl Blue water filter, and the company says that I don't need to descale since I'm using it, but I went ahead and did one recently anyway. I just want to keep it performing optimally.